What does 2016 hold for me???

A new year has started – does that mean I’ll actually update this site a bit more often? or Heaven forbid, actually get some writing done?

Firstly, I do plan on updating the site more often. I’m hoping to do a few book/film recommendations and also some random stuff.

If I’m honest with myself , I probably do have more time than I make out to write, but I’m easily distracted and what spare time I do get I normally spend it playing Destiny – which if any of you have played, you’ll know it’s the video game version of crack rock. Don’t get me wrong, things like work spending time with my family have to come first, but normally by the end of the day I’m worn out both mentally and physically, and the thought of sitting down and tapping out a few hundred words is the last thing I feel like doing because that involves thinking. But I guess I’m just making excuses because I’m pretty sure that’s how you finish your book? A few years back I met up with Author Iain Mckinnon at the Autumn Horror in the East convention back in 2012 and he said if you write 800 words a day, in two months time you’ve got your first draft and that has always stuck with me – although I’m yet to follow through with it yet. I have to be realistic about this though, as I’m not going to be able to hammer out that many words on a daily basis, but I sure as hell can write when I’m able. So with all that said, this will be the year that the finger comes out and I’ll finish that first draft. Plus I’ve just made a £20 bet with a friend that I can finish my first draft before he gets a 100 followers on his new Twitch channel.

Watch this space!

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