Flash Fiction

Last Words…

Dear Nicky,

The power’s finally gone out here so I’ve had to use my phone to send this email. I couldn’t call you because the lines are too busy, and your mobile’s here where you left it. I don’t know how long the signal’s going to hold up; things have gotten pretty bad.  I can still see the light’s are on in the distance, so the powers not out where you are, and if you’ve done what the authority’s have been telling everyone, then you’ve stayed in doors and your safe. I just hope you’re at your computer.

I have to tell you something’s because I won’t get another chance. Firstly, I’m sorry I can’t be there to tell you this to your face, but I’m afraid something bad happened earlier. I noticed Mr Hughes’ door was open when I got home; the smell coming from his flat was terrible. I went in to see if he was ok and he attacked me. I managed to get in and lock my door before he could get to me again. He’s been there for hours, scratching at the door, only now there are more of them. They’re just like the people from the news, the sick ones, I mean. The moonlight is spilling in through the hall way window, and I can see them clumsily bumping into each other through my spy hole. But even If they weren’t out there, I couldn’t leave. It’s funny, even now with all this going on it’s still hard for me to tell you the truth. The truth is I got scarred. When you first told me I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t mean to shout at you, and I never meant it when I said it was your fault and that you were trying to trap me. I know now I should have faced up to my responsibilities. I’m sorry.  I wish you were here with me now. You don’t know how much I want to hold you. How much I want to protect you. The thought of you having to go through it by yourself breaks my heart. And now with all this going on, it makes it even harder.

I hope you understand why I can’t be with you; the last thing I’d want is to harm you or anyone else when it happens. I don’t want to die like this, but there’s no cure despite what the Government’s saying. If there was, then things would never have gotten this bad. I keep hearing the screams out in the street. I’m too frightened to look outside again. The last time I did, I could see they were everywhere. People were running and trying to get away from them. Most of the houses on the other side of the road are burning and some of the infected people have caught on fire, but they seem totally oblivious to it. All they seem to be interested in is killing and eating us. I don’t want to end up like them. That’s why I’ve locked myself in here, then I can’t harm anyone. You have to promise me that if you get out, that you won’t come here and try to find me. It’s already too late for me. My whole body’s burning with infection and I know I don’t have long. I just want you to know that I love you and wish I could be there when our baby comes. I never meant for it to end like this. I have to say goodbye now. I think the front door is going to give way; there must be more of them out there now, pressing on it. I need to get to the attic before they do.

Goodbye, my precious Nicky. You were the one thing in my life that made sense. I love you and always will.

Mark xx

A-B Negative

I know they are compatible almost instantly; the smell of their blood gives it away. They’re oblivious to the scent of course as it pumps through their veins, but to me it surrounds their body like a sweet smelling aura, igniting a fire inside me. My body tenses as I fight the urge to take her there and then. I’m surrounded by hundreds of people, almost anyone one of them for the taking, but yet they all smell like death- apart from her. To them, the hot room smells like smoke and perfume, but to me, the smell is putrid; like decaying flesh. But beneath the foul stench, her perfect scent is almost visible as it radiates from beneath her soft skin. I’ll never forget the first time I fed, and the harsh lesson I learnt. I can still taste his blood as it burns the back of my throat. I can still feel the searing pain shoot through me as it threatens to tear my immortal soul apart. It was only by chance that one of my kind found me; dying for a second time. “Their blood must run the same as yours” he told me as he sucked the poison from my blackened veins.
My thoughts are broken as I feel her eyes upon me. Her slender body moves rhythmically to the music as she dances beneath the neon lights; sweat shimmering off her skin. As my eyes meet hers, her thoughts instantly become mine. I know how much she wants me as I feel her breath quicken, and before I hold her in my embrace, her legs weaken as she climaxes. I carry her unnoticed through the stench of the crowd; her smell helping to mask it as I pull her closer. She’s so close to me now, I can see the blood pulsing beneath her skin. My vampire teeth tear through my gums as I begin to imagine the taste and ecstasy of it in my mouth; the warmth as it flows from the bite. Outside in the cold night air, I can no longer wait. My fangs sink effortlessly into her flesh and sever the pulsing artery beneath it. Before a scream can escape her lips she is paralysed by my saliva. Every doubt and thought I’ve had about choosing this life, fades in an instant as I bleed her dry. What little life she has left escapes as I tear the barely beating heart from her chest and drain what’s left.
For now, I am satisfied and the fire of hunger has been extinguished, but I know that I must hunt again soon; my body will not stay content for long. I know that out there, amongst the endless nameless faces that walk the city streets, there is someone A-B negative.

My Little Girl

I have to keep reminding myself that it’s not her any more. Whatever was left of her has passed away. I can’t stop blaming myself for what happened; if only I’d locked the door from the outside.

The outbreak started nearly a month ago, and it wasn’t long before the food ran out and the taps ran dry. She cried so much when I told her that I had to go out for more. It broke my heart hearing her cry and beg me not to leave her alone, but I had too, I couldn’t risk taking her outside. I’d barely made it half way down the street when I heard her screaming out for me. When I turned to look she was already running out of the garden. The noise began to attract the infected. Before I knew it, they were appearing from everywhere. That’s when she got attacked.

She came back from the dead over a day ago, and already her skin has begun to decay and putrefy. Her piercing blue eyes have faded to a lifeless white, and her red lips are dry, cracked and tinged with cyanosis. As I look at her, I wonder if somewhere deep inside she knows it’s me; if she knows how much I still love her, despite the thing that she has become. At night in my dreams I can still hear her laughing as we play in the garden together. But when I wake, all I hear is the low hungry moan that escapes her lips.

I decided today that I don’t want her to exist like this any more. When I look into her cloudy lifeless eyes I know that she is in pain, and that she feels alone. I have to let her go.

The gun keeps shaking in my hand, and I can’t find the strength within me to pull the trigger. I want so badly for her suffering to end, but I just can’t shot her. No matter what she has become, she’s still my little girl; my angel. I know now what has to be done. I failed her once when I couldn’t protect her mother, but this time I won’t make the same mistake twice. The blood from my wrist, drawn by the knife, drives her into a frenzy. Before I have finished undoing her ropes, her blackened teeth have sunk into my flesh. As the world around begins to go dark, I can just make out her silhouette. I reach out and pull her close. “You’ll never be alone again” I whisper…

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